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Clinical Trials

Central Lab and Iatriki Diagnosi Group, for the last five years, among others, have been active in the field of Clinical Trials. Our aim is to promote the medical research and to help patients worldwide get the best care possible. To do so, we follow all approved international, European and national laboratory practices.

In order to achieve our goal, we collaborate with CRO companies, Greek and multinational pharmaceutical companies, as well as with Greek hospital’s research centers.

As a particularly complex process, clinical trials require health care providers with high levels of training, experience and expertise.

Central Lab and Iatriki Diagnosi Group, having state-of-the-art medical equipment, provide imaging examinations of high diagnostic accuracy and low radiation dose.

Εργαστήριο Central Lab

They perform a wide range of specialized tests, accredited with ISO15189, in all fields of modern Laboratory Medicine (Hematology, Biochemistry, Biomarkers, Molecular Biology, Cytogenetics etc.) to meet the requirements of clinical studies phase I-IV.

A specialized and experienced team of physicians of various laboratory specialties and health scientists, exclusively involved in clinical studies, daily provide results of high reliability to the researchers of clinical studies.

At the same time, administrative staff -in constant and direct communication with the executives of CRO companies, pharmaceutical companies and research centers- deal with any administrative, organizational and technical problem that may arise, ensuring the uninterrupted development of research.

For Central Lab Central Lab and Iatriki Diagnosi Group, Clinical Trials are of top priority. This way, we make our own contribution to the welfare of patients, upgrading their quality of life, to the progress of medical research and -clearly- to our national economy.

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